Facilities Maintenance

Some level of facility maintenance

is required to keep a building in good shape for years to come and to ensure it fulfills its lifespan projections. MJ Settelen provides an array of maintenance services to keep facilities in top condition.

Facilities Maintenance

In-House Services for Emergency Repairs

Large-scale facilities, especially those that are public-facing, will have a need for repairs quite regularly. In-house emergency repair services for such facilities are a must as they can keep buildings across all industries in good working order. In-house services for everyday repairs along with on-site personnel to manage these needs aids in getting issues resolved quickly.

On-Site Personnel for Daily Construction Needs

At times, a facility will require more involved repairs or construction. Having on-site personnel available for handling daily construction needs is a must in these cases. Everything from minor repairs to more involved projects can be handled by our capable team or associated subcontractors.

On-Call Emergency Construction Resources

No matter how carefully you maintain a building, sometimes an emergency construction need will arise. Thankfully, accounting for potential issues ahead of time is a part of our service offering.

We provide on-call emergency construction resources, so you won’t be left struggling to find a subcontractor to come fix an issue in an emergency.

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