Construction Consulting

If you have a build coming or one that’s currently in the works

MJ Settelen Construction can assist you by means of consulting, evaluations, and monitoring.

Construction Consulting

Cost Estimating

Having a clear idea of how much a project will cost before it even begins is invaluable to getting your next project off the ground. Our intimate knowledge of the construction industry means we can provide the most accurate cost estimates earlier in the process. Our experience and relationships with numerous subcontractors allow us to provide accurate and timely estimates.

Design Reviews

As an experienced professional, you know the value of having a second set of eyes on your project. Our team regularly provides design reviews, where we take a look at your designs, make suggestions, and offer advice for improvements. We can also pull from our deep well of subcontractor relationships to recommend other firms who may be of assistance throughout the build process.

Site Selections

If you currently don’t have a site selected for your project, we can help to assess locations and advise you as to what would be best, paying mind to local zoning laws, permit requirements, and structural requirements.

Timeline Completion Estimates

It’s not enough to know how much a project will cost – you need to know how long it will take, too. We can assist with the preparation of timeline completion estimates for projects. During this process, we evaluate project scope and project how long it will take to complete.

Should you decide to work with us in a further capacity, we can prepare a Project Management Plan (PMP) and a Quality Control Plan (QCP) that oversees every aspect of the build including prep, initial, and follow up phases. These plans include detailed schedules and timelines so you can have an accurate idea of how long a project will take to complete much earlier in the process.

Realistic Budget Solutions

Navigate budgetary concerns without sacrificing quality. Our dedicated team of professionals offer creative solutions that will work with your budget and schedule.

Professional Guidance From Trusted Experts

From providing expert consulting on estimates to budgeting to timelines and scope, MJ Settelen can help your project move forward.

MJ Settelen Construction

Exceptional Service in your Project Planning Phase